Welcome to my lab.

This is the place where I work things out.

Extract the gems out of the muck.

Confront my thorns.

My only desire to distill the value of each experience.

It may be my story, but the truths are Universal.

Who Am I

I’m just an individual trying to navigate my way through this life thing. I write on personal development and spirituality. When I process my lessons and come up with something polished, I publish it on my website emeliasam.com. (You can read my full “about me” if you really want to know more.)

This space is raw. This is the “behind the scenes.” Here I’ll recount some of my most personal recollections and explore some of the things that irritate me in the present. This is where the “thorns”  come in. It references a concept explained by Michael Singer in his book “The Untethered Soul.”

The thorns are the things that we spend so much time protecting from everything and everyone around us…our sore spots. However, we can choose to address them head on and grow as a result. This space is a factory where I can process my thorns.

It won’t all be pretty. I will tread on topics of gender, race, politics, even pop culture, etc- but not in the attempt to complain or spread negativity. This is just me expressing my thought process. This is what shapes the person I am and more importantly, the person I’m becoming. It’s only my perspective.

But in the exploration, I hope to ignite your own self-exploration. Maybe you’ll decide to confront some thorns of your own. Hopefully, you’ll share the truths you stumble upon.



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