Who Would Want You?

I can’t remember the specifics of the conversation. Have no idea what led up to the moment. All I remember is that I kind of liked the guy I was speaking to on the phone. Up until that point, I thought the feeling was mutual. Then the venom hit.

“Who would want you?”

Stunned, I said nothing. I’m not even sure how the conversation ended. As insecure as I was, I’m pretty sure I said nothing in my defense. Had it been today, I’d be better equipped to handle the attack. And make no mistake, it was an attack.

It was an attempt to further break down an already compromised view of myself. But people like that sense who they can demean. Granted, we were young (18 or so), but the patterns start early. With infinite gratitude, I can say I never continued on that course.

Sure, I had my share of hurt and heartbreak ahead. Nothing quite as blatant as that, though. Nothing as direct.

I would hear those words again, but they would be in my own voice. I learned over time to disregard its feigned authority. I grew.

Thorn: Sometimes, people will say and do mean-spirited things.
Truth: It only hurts you if you already believed it to be true.